Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Consignment Store? 

A consignment store is one where the clothing is sourced from the community. As families clothing needs change they bring their clothes to me to be resold on consignment. When the clothes are sold I keep 50% of the price and the consignee earns 50%. The clothing remains the owners property for 12 months. After this you have the choice to take back your clothes or give to me and I will sell them for half price or donate them to a charity.

How do I become a Consignee?

Prepare the clothes you wish to sell by washing thoroughly to remove any stains and odors. Call me on 0499 437 792 to make an appointment to bring your clothes to the store. Together we will view the clothes and discuss which garments are suitable. Fill out a form with your details, this includes name,  address, phone, email and bank details.

How does Payment work?

Immediately after selling clothes I forward you the consignment payment to your nominated bank account.

What garments are suitable for consignment?

Your clothing will be suitable if it meets basic requirements.

  • ​ Excellent Quality and Condition-the garments needs to be have all seams, zips, buttons and clasps in perfect working order. The fabric needs to be strong and durable.

  • ​Clean- the garment needs to have been washed thoroughly and any stains removed, mustiness and mold removed

Will you buy clothes outright?

Yes I will buy some clothes outright that I know are of the most extraordinary beauty and I am sure that I can sell.

What if my clothes need mending?

I love simple mending jobs!  I will mend any items that need simple repairs, taking less than 30 mins, for free. Jobs that take longer I can repair for you at my cost price of $30 an hour.